Adoption Fees:
     Dogs that have been spayed/neutered.....$150
     Dogs that are still intact...............................$75 plus a $40 spay/neuter deposit

Her adoption fee has been dropped to $75.


In on 8/2/19

Shepherd mix

Spayed Female

6-9 months old

She's still on Earth, but the way this dog can jump, the planet Venus just may be where she ends up.  

Friendly, outgoing, but with the energy of youth, she bounds around her kennel like an Olympian High Jumper.  

Just look at that happy face

 His adoption fee has been dropped to just $75.


In on 10/6/19

Neutered male

Astro is a dalmation mix, 10 months old.  He is a dog that would do best in a home where the owner has experience with this type of dog.  

He is always on the alert and would make a good watchdog because he will bark when there is anyone new around or things just don't seem right to him.  

Astro has changed since he first arrived.  While he is still very alert, he is calming down and doing much better on a leash.  If you like the Pits, please give him a chance.  Thanks!


In on 11/4/19

Neutered male

Buddy came to us as an owner surrender because "He got bigger than we expected and he jumps on our kids".

Well while he is not the perfect gentleman here, he is a very good dog.  He is less than a year old, so there is plenty of time to train him.  I haven't worked with him much, but what I have observed is that he wants to learn, just needs direction.  

Buddy is part Rottweiler and weighs 69#, so if you are looking for a big dog, your search is over.


In on 11/16/19

Neutered Male

This is a gorgeous, Pitbull.  Only 9 months old, calm, even-tempered, and friendly.  He was an owner surrender simply because he deserves more attention that the owner was able to give him.  

Duke is a pretty solidly built dog and already weighs 60#.

Even though he does not get out to run and play much right now, he seems to have a zest for life.

As with any dog of this size and strength, we would recommend his new owner to be an experienced dog person.


In on 8/15/19

Neutered Male

Opie has been here a long time, but was just put on the adoption floor because he had a skin condition that needed to be healed up first.

He was very tiny when he arrive and we estimated his age at that time at about 2 months.  

Now is is around 6 months old and even though this is basically the only home he has known, he seems well adjusted, likes everyone and is ever so eager to be loved on.  Please stop in to meet him.