Adoption Fees:
     Dogs that have been spayed/neutered.....$150
     Dogs that are still intact...............................$75 plus a $40 spay/neuter deposit


In on 8/2/19

Shepherd mix

Spayed Female

6-9 months old

She's still on Earth, but the way this dog can jump, the planet Venus just may be where she ends up.  

Friendly, outgoing, but with the energy of youth, she bounds around her kennel like an Olympian High Jumper.  

Just look at that happy face


In on 8/3/19

Mixed Breed, possibly part German Shepherd

2-3 yrs old

Neutered Male


In on 9/20/19

Spayed Female

This poor dog was running loose for a long time and was finally trapped so she could be brought to us.  

She is very sweet and allows us to put a leash on and pet her, but will not come to you and is very, very shy.

She is currently in a foster home working on getting over her fear of people.


In on 10/6/19

Neutered male

Astro is a pit mix, 10 months old.  He is a dog that would do best in a home where the owner has experience with this type of dog.  

He is always on the alert and would make a good watchdog because he will bark when there is anyone new around or things just don't seem right to him.


In on10/8/19

Neuterd Male


Don't let that expression on his face fool you, he is sweet as can be.

If you are familiar with the husky type dog, you know that they require a lot of exercise and mental stimulation to keep them happy and out of trouble.  These dogs are not good apartment dogs, nor are they the dog of choice for someone with a sedentary lifestyle.  They NEED exercise.


In on 10/25/19

Neuterd Male

Maltese/Poodle mix

This is the last one of the four little dogs that came to us that were previously used in a breeding facility.  This little sweethearts have all been very gentle and loving, but unfortunately they had been neglected when it came to their health care.  ]

Riley is 9 years old and had severe dental disease.  Most if not all of his teeth had to be extracted.  He also has cataracts, so his vision is not 20/20, but he can see.


After years of being in a cage, this little guy would love nothing more than to just be a family member and be able to do what all dogs should be able to do.  Run, play, be held and loved.