Adoption Fees:
     Dogs that have been spayed/neutered: $150+
Puppies that have not been spayed/neutered are $75+$40 deposit that is returned once the animal is sterilized. 
    **PVHS reserves the right to adjust adoption fees for certain dogs**


Hello Everyone! My name is Sura and I am about 1 years old. I love to play and go on walks and love to cuddle with you. But I am a little scared when someone tries to go over my head or when someone raises there hand at me. I would do good in a apartment or even a house with a big back yard for me to play in! Please think of making me a new part of you family ! My adoption fee is $150. 


Hello everyone! My name is Remmy I am about a 2+ year old and 71 pound   Coonhound! But you want to know something about me I'm not like other hounds, I've been pretty quiet and shy but I am such a friendly fella! I like going on walks and like getting pets everywhere. I also really like sleeping, if sleeping were a sport I would always be in 1st place! Please consider adopting me and making me a part of your family!  My adoption fee is $150.


Hello everyone meet Monroe! He is a little bit timid at first but he is such a sweet dog. He would do better in a house with a big back yard to play in. He likes cuddles and likes going to the dog park! Please on consider adopting me my adoption fee is $150

All dogs over 6 months of age have received the following:
       Veterinary Exam
       Heartworm test
       Distemper/Parvo Vaccination
       Kennel Cough Vaccination
       Rabies Vaccination
       Flea Prevention
       Spayed or Neutered
Puppies have been:
      Examined by a Veterinarian
      Vaccinated against Distemper/Parvo & Kennel Cough
      Treated to prevent fleas
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