Our farm cat program! Meet all of our farm cats and kitties! You must take more than 2 cats to qualify for the farm cat program. The adoption fee is 2 cats for $10 and you must take at least 2 or more.

7 Reasons to adopt some farm cats!

1. They make great friends

2. They eat bugs

3. They make great exterminators

4. They save you money

5. Make the barn a happier place

6. They are low maintenance

7. Give an orphaned animal a home

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Colby Neutered Male.jpg

Meet Colby! He is a 2-3-year-old neutered male! He would do best on a farm!


Nora Spayed Female.jpg

Meet Nora! She is a 1-2-year-old Spayed Female! She would do best on a farm


Taco Neutered Male.jpg

Meet Taco! He is a 1-2-year-old neutered male! He would do best on a farm!




Sussy Male Kitten.jpg

Meet Sussy! He is a 4-5-month-old male kitten who likes humans but he is scared easily!



Baka Male Kitten.jpg

Meet Baka! He is a 4-5 months male kitten. He is really scared at the shelter. He is such a sweet boy!