Adoption Fees:
     Dogs that have been spayed/neutered: $200+
Senior dogs and Special need dogs: $50-$75
Puppies that have not been spayed/neutered are $150+$50 deposit that is returned once the animal is sterilized. 
    **PVHS reserves the right to adjust adoption fees for certain dogs**

Isa Spayed Female.jpg


Meet Isa! She is a 3+-year-oldS Spayed Female Chihuahua! We would love for her to be in a foster home or even be adopted! She loves going outside and loves snuggles. She does not like other dogs, so she must be the only dog in the house!

Bosley Neutered Male.jpg


Meet Bosley! He is a 7-year-old Neutered Male Beagle! This sweet boy gets along great with dogs, cats, and children! He is very laidback and likes light walks and wants to be a couch potato! His adoption fee is $200! 

Mark Neutered Male.jpg


Meet Mark! He is a 2-3 year old Black Lab Neutered Male! This big boy has lots of energy to run off! He does great with playing fetch, sit, & shake! He gets along well with other dogs great! His adoption fee is $200!

Duke 1.jpg


Meet Captain! He is a 1-year-old Neutered Male Hound/Lab mix. He is such a good boy. We have been working on leash manners with him and he is great at walking on a leash! He gets along with dogs and children of all ages! He is such a sweet boy! His adoption fee is $200.

Puck Neutered Male.jpg


Meet Puck! He is a 2-3-year-old Neutered Male Husky/Lab mix. He is just a ball of energy and can run and run all day! He must go to a house that has a 6-foot tall fenced-in yard. He is a sweet boy who just wants to go on walks/runs and enjoy the day! His adoption fee is $200

Abir Neutered Male.jpg


Meet Kajen! He is a 2-3-year-old German Shorthair Pointer! He gets along with other dogs great but he does not like cats at all. His adoption fee is $200!

Austyn Neutered Male.jpg


Meet Austyn! He is a 1–2-year-old Neutered Lab Mix! He is the sweetest and goofiest dog! He walks very well on a leash, and he is also housebroken! He loves being outside and playing fetch with you! He was found as a stray in Platte County. How could anyone not claim this sweet giant? His adoption fee is $200.

Lilly Spayed Female.jpg


Meet Lily! She is a 1-2-year-old Spayed Female Lab mix! This sweet girl was found running alone in a trailer park. She is very shy but opens up to anyone right away. She walks very well on a leash and she likes car rides, dogs, and children! Her adoption fee is $200

Dug Neutered Male.jpg


Meet Dug! He is a 4-6-year-old Yellow Labrador Retriever! He is a sweet soul and gets along with other dogs great! He does not like cats at all his adoption fee is $200! 

All dogs over 6 months of age have received the following:
       Veterinary Exam
       Heartworm test
       Distemper/Parvo Vaccination
       Kennel Cough Vaccination
       Rabies Vaccination
       Flea Prevention
       Spayed or Neutered

Puppies have been:
      Examined by a Veterinarian
      Vaccinated against Distemper/Parvo & Kennel Cough
      Treated to prevent fleas