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Before Surrendering your Dog or Cat - Resources to Consider

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Dog Training

Dog Training

Some trainers will conduct in-home training for a one-time fee, to asses your dog and help you implement training specific to your dog, to set you both up for success. We can give you the information to 3 great dog trainers that we have worked with before. 

Medical care

There are some low-cost vets that will work with you on payment plans if you cannot afford the cost upfront. In addition, there are many pet lovers on pet forums (such as FaceBook) that may be willing to assist, if you share your story and post a link to a GoFundMe. When you go this route, posting information such as medical conditions and vet bills helps donors feel comfortable donating

Visit to the Vet
Dog Walker

Pet Walking Services (DOGS)

We often receive surrenders due to owners working long hours, and feeling they are not able to spend enough time with their dogs. There are numerous pet walking services that can help exercise your pup during the day. Most dogs adjust to your schedule and are happy to see you when you're home! Even still, a nice midday walk or some playtime with other dogs a couple of times a week can really help get that extra energy out! We can give you the information to an amazing pet service worker based in Columbus. 

Rehoming Your Dog or Cat

If you decide to re-home your dog or cat on your own, we highly recommend charging a rehoming fee (to ward off dog fighters and people with bad intentions), as well as checking references and doing a home check and a vet check to ensure your dog is in good hands. We also would urge you to consider ensuring your dog is fixed before rehoming them, to ensure they cannot be used to breed and further contribute to the homeless dog and cat crisis. We do courtesy posts on our Facebook Page to help you find a home for your pet. 


Unfortunately, we are not able to take every single surrender. We can give you a list of some shelters and rescues in Nebraska that may be able to help you out. 

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