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Microchips help lost pets get reunited with their family! 

A microchip provides secure, reliable, and permanent identification, which greatly increases the likelihood that your pet, if lost, will be returned home to you. A microchip only does its job if it is registered with up-to-date contact information in a pet recovery database.

Does Paws and Claws Microchip?

Yes, Paws and Claws Adoption Center does microchips for $25 and it is a one time fee for a lifetime registry! Please call us to set up an appointment to set up a time to microchip your pet! 

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How do microchips work?

Each microchip contains a registration number and the phone number of the registry for the particular brand of chip. A handheld scanner reads the radio frequency of the chip and displays this information. An animal shelter or vet clinic that finds your pet can contact the registry to get your name and phone number.

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